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M&C Group of Companies is part of the solution to reduce plastic bag waste

We make a few purchases and pop them into a plastic bag. The number of plastic bags we use and toss is overwhelming. An average M&C Group of Companies retail shopper uses about 150 bags each year (According to M&C Group of Companies retail sales transactions data in 2021). To reduce plastic waste that is strangling Saint Lucia’s environment, M&C Group of Companies retail outlets will gradually phase out single-use plastic bags. M&C Drugstore retail stores island-wide will start phasing out single-use plastic bags to customers.  All proceeds from the plastic bags will go towards a long line of plastic waste reduction initiatives including the donation of recycling bins to selected organizations and to educating individuals about the importance of eliminating plastic waste.

About the Change

M&C Group of Companies is taking this step as part of its continued commitment to reducing waste and its environmental footprint that contributes to climate change.

Reasons to switch to reusable bags:

  • Plastic bags can entangle or choke fish, turtles, birds, and other animals that mistake the plastic for food.
  • Microplastics resulted from the physical breakdown of larger plastics, such as plastic bags, food packaging, or ropes. It has already been found in various types of human food.
  • Plastic bags contribute to litter in our rivers and beaches, especially because they are easily carried by the wind.
  • Plastic bags may degrade into unsafe chemicals.
  • Single-use plastic bags are not consistent with Saint Lucia’s goal to reduce the number of materials going into landfills.
  • Plastic bags can take anywhere from 15 years to a massive 1,000 years to decompose, meaning they have a lasting effect on the environment.

This new campaign aims to help reduce single-use plastic bags waste in Saint Lucia and increase customer convenience by placing reusable bags in easy-to-find and highly frequented sections of its stores. M&C Drugstore retail stores will introduce a new assortment of affordable and sturdier reusable bags that are made with post-consumer recycled content. Customers are also encouraged to bring their bags when shopping.

As an organization whose mission is to reduce waste and divert material from Saint Lucia landfills, M&C Group of Companies wishes to remind shoppers that reusable bags are still the best solution.

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